When I Get Home

by Pamela Machala

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released June 16, 2015

Produced by Zachary Hollander & Pamela Machala.
Recorded & mixed by Zachary Hollander at The Pearl Recording Studio, Minneapolis MN.
Mastered by April Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura CA.
All songs written by Pamela Machala © 2015 ℗ Feisty Duckling Music (ASCAP).
Arrangements by Pamela Machala, Chad E. Mathis, and LaMont Sandifer.
Design & layout by Emily Olson. Photography by Joe Friend.

Pamela Machala - vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3, melodica, bells
Chad E. Mathis - bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bells
LaMont Sandifer - cajon, congas, cymbal, tambourine, shaker, triangle, castanet

Special guests:
Julian Machala - violin & viola (3), drum programming (5)
Alex Maiers - electric guitar (2)
Jamie Mauck - drums (3, 6)
Bill Quinn - pedal steel guitar (7)



all rights reserved


Pamela Machala Boulder, Colorado

Singer/songwriter Pamela Machala ("MOCK-uh-luh") creates a delicious style of indie piano pop. BolderBeat says, "The grand takeaway from When I Get Home is this: Pamela Machala is a big, fresh talent to keep an eye on. Her musicality is as user-friendly as it is intricate, and Machala’s vocal performances are revelatory." ... more

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Track Name: Daychanger
I take the same roads back from work each day
Traffic surging like a hurricane
And I've been starving like a castaway
Who can't find nothin' new

But when I get home
And I drop my bags at the door
You're always waiting
With a surprise in store

'cause you're my daychanger
You are my daychanger
Oh you take my mood and you rearrange her
You are

The routine feels like a treadmill
Working hard and yet you're standing still
I push that boulder right back up the same hill
Now even the grass remembers me
Track Name: Do It Now
I get so caught up on the Internet
Seems other folks got things that I don’t yet
Perfect jobs, exotic trips
Accomplished a lot in a little bit
And the farther down I scroll, the smaller I feel

I got to get out, I got to get out
I need a new script, I need a new route

Gotta get up and go, gotta rid myself now, I'll go to the roof and I’ll shout

Do it now
Before you lose your cool

When I hit a red light
I pull out my phone in the blink of an eye
Like the draw in a duel for my life
And Aaron Burr is standing on the other side
I’m getting my fix, I'm taking my meds
For a sickness that I never had
Lord it makes me feel so bad
But I keep coming back for more

Can we go back
There’s no going back
There won’t come a time no
With no stats to track

But I gotta unplug for my own peace of mind, my sanity is under attack

Do it now
Before you lose your cool

But we need it too, for practical use
We want to catch up
Oh I just wanna see you
We gotta wade through all this residue
'cause we’ve all got our problems too
Track Name: Yestersols
The distance between us is constantly changing
As we find our paths through the sky
You have what I did for thousands of years
Before it all dried up and died

And now you've come back to me wielding your tools of curiosity
You probe me for secrets, for answers to
Your own mortality

Yestersols, yestersols
On and on and on it goes

The story's drenched with greens and blues
My rocks, now a rusty red
What will you find buried deep inside
These ancient riverbeds

Oh the wonder that you inspire
Makes me feel vast and small
One day we'll realize
We aren't so far at all

Tell me all about your lakes, your icy floes
Oh make me feel again the spongy soil below
Like apostles now we gather round the glow
We were born together and that's the way we'll go
Track Name: I Still Love You
Every time I doubt you
You lay my doubts to rest
You always help me laugh it off
When I don’t feel my best
We don’t always get it right
I say I’m fine when I’m not fine
But when it’s time to close the blinds I still love you

Every time I hurt you
I swear it’s the last
We get stuck in a merry-go-rut,
In the pride we can’t get past
Storming off to the couch at night
I’m sure that I was justified
But when I see your bleary eyes I still love you

Sometimes I get jealous 'cause another girl makes you laugh
And you remind me that you chose to be my other half
But what if there’s somebody else
Who’d suit you better than myself
Through all the fears my heart has felt I’ve still loved you

From time to time, you tell me stories that don’t end
I do my best to listen, but you lose me now and then
But when a song you love comes on
And you drop it all just to sing along
Well then I know beyond a doubt I still love you
Track Name: Barista
Do you need me
Do you need me
Do you need me
Like you need your coffee

Zebra stripes of dark and light make my heart electric
Tell me anything you like, I'm a conversational eclectic
Crack of dawn or late at night, when the streetlights flicker
When you're barely hangin' on, like an old bumper sticker

You call the shots and I'll pull 'em for ya baby
But would you miss me if I went away

Earning your respect is a mountain I can’t summit
You think you know exactly what I am and the ways I’ve become it
Underneath the pleasantries, below the grinder’s humming
A hundred broken melodies are slowly off and running

I know what I'm doin', I know there's no guarantee
I got a degree, I got another degree, and now I got 140 degrees

Do you need me to smile
Do you need me to hold my tongue
Do you need me to be
A cog in your machine
Do you need to see proof to consider the truth that I'm worth a damn too
Track Name: Stowaway
It's so easy
To settle down with negativity

Comes so readily
The focus on what is wrong with me

Oh I don't want to be that person

No I don't want to live that way

And I believe I have a say 

Over and over, each and every day

Oh I'm gonna be, gonna be a stowaway

On the ship that leaves my mind for saner voices

Oh I'm gonna be, gonna be a stowaway

On the ship that leaves behind all that wasted energy and easy choices

It's so easy
To cling to how things were supposed to be
Waiting on a fantasy
I keep missing what is right in front of me

Oh I just want to be excited
I wanna hold up the things that take my breath away

And I will fall short, I'll screw it up, and that's okay

I'm gonna practice, each and every day
Track Name: Pilot Light
Sunday nights are blue
Sunday’s always hard on you
The week is like an elevator that only takes you down
But I am here beside you
On that you can depend
And I’ll use everything I’ve got to lift you up again

Let me be your pilot light
Let me help you reignite

Once an eager child, you had dreams of being grown
But somehow it seems bleaker now the choices are your own
Know you are not alone in this
I’m walking that road too
Hand in hand I have no doubt that we will see it through

It’s okay, let’s talk about it
And if you don’t feel like talking, that’s cool too
But please believe what I know is true
That spark you’re looking for is bright inside of you

Sunday nights are blue
Sundays, they're still hard on you
But I don’t care, I’m proud of you
You’ve got everything you need
Track Name: Just One Thing
You got a lot on your plate lately
I know you’re overwhelmed
You got so much on your mind lately
I wanna lend a hand

There’s a pile of things to do
It’s a mile high and twice as wide
All you wanna do is shut your eyes and hide
But you can’t, no

Can you start with just one thing
Can you start with just one thing
Can you start with just one thing and
Can you make it happen

Now ask yourself what’s the very first step
Break it down into little bitty chunks
There’s never gonna be a perfect time to start
Right now is the perfect time to start

You know Rome wasn’t built in a day
And it wasn’t even built in a year
You’re gonna get through the fear that paralyzes
When you realize

You can start with just one thing
You can start with just one thing
You can start with just one thing and
You can make it happen

I’m doing the best I can with the tools at hand and my attention span
I’m doing the best I can and some days that don’t feel like much
I’m doing the best I can, just one by one by one

And I'm gonna start with just one thing
Gonna start with just one thing
Gonna start with just one thing and
I’m gonna make it happen